New site, housekeeping, and of course, vegetables!

Welcome to the new site! I realize it looks pretty much the same as the old site, but we have a few new features!

Be sure to update any bookmarks or RSS feeds you have for our old site. For now, I have all the traffic re-directing to this site, but that will only be in place for a year.

Please leave any feedback you have on the site in the comments. I have thought about changing the appearance of the site, because reading white on black can be a bit tough on the eyes. I’ve also heard that the fonts can be a little small for some. Yea or nay? Also, if you have any trouble navigating the site or things look weird in any particular browser, please let me know! Not that I’ll know how to fix it…

And now for the veggies!

Lots of deliciousness this week! Kale, bok choy, swiss chard, radishes, mixed baby greens, lettuce, basil, marjoram, thyme, and rosemary. Yum yum! We had to beat the rain to get it all harvested, but we were successful and delivered these beautiful boxes of green to our members.

There has been a lot of rain and cool temps in the Helena Valley, and all over the State, lately. Unfortunately, it has lead to some very damaging floods throughout the Montana. We have been lucky. Not only are we high enough to not have any trouble with flooding, the garden has weathered it well. A few of our tomatoes started looking sort of odd, and I will discuss this problem in an upcoming post. But overall, things are looking good. Hopefully, some warm weather is on its way so that the warm season crops will get a move on!


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