Leaving Chase Farm

I have drafted this post several times, to no satisfactory end. I have been far muter than I’d intended to be because of all this. So I guess I’ll just out and say it.

Chase Farm, in its current iteration, will not see another season. You see, the Chase Family will be 2,027 miles away from the beloved, beautiful piece of ground that is now Chase Farm. Yep. We are moving. To State College, Pennsylvania!

The most important thing waiting for us in State College, the motivating factor, is all of Eric’s family. Grandparents galore and a few Uncle’s for Dex. It’s amazing how our perspective on family changed after having our son. It went from “Meh, we’ll see them once a year or so,” to living in close proximity being a non-negotiable factor in how we wanted our lives to look. My parents live in a small town that has the tough combo of relatively expensive real estate (if you want any land) and scant employment options for scientists, and unfortunately, no one was going to move to Helena any time soon.

So we began to look into State College just to get a sense of the job market, housing and land prices, etc., and things began to fall into place without our even trying. Tons of career connections began to appear, and perhaps most fortuitously, we happened upon a Craigslist ad for a rental on an organic farm. We emailed them to find out if they would consider work trade arrangements and found that they actually preferred them! Well, hot dog!

So my primary work will be on an organic, vegetable CSA outside of State College, to pay our rent, a CSA share, chicken, eggs, cheese, etc. Needless to say, I’m pretty darn excited about this. It will afford me the opportunity to immerse myself in sustainable agriculture, spend more time with my son, and hopefully work on a project or two per year in my career of the previous 7 years to keep those skills fresh. This is the best of all worlds. My Ag-Fairy Godmother has arrived.

I intend to continue the blog at this address to talk about my experiences and what I learn on this next leg of my journey.


This move will be happening in September. In the meantime, this beautiful home and piece of land are for sale. We are giving ‘for sale by owner’ a shot, so I would deeply appreciate you passing along the following website to anyone who might be interested in a small farm, a horse property, or simply a country home. www.5843Collins.com

We have a lovely passive solar home (3 bedroom, 2 bath) on 12 acres, with stunning views of the Helena Valley. Eight acres are irrigated, plus a large, organic garden with drip irrigation, a barn with a greenhouse, and a shelterbelt with fruit trees. We have wildlife¬†galore, great soils, easy access to town, wonderful neighbors… Well, we’ve really got it all out here. Frankly, it’s a bit hard to leave…


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