Chase Farm LLC is a small, sustainable, pasture-based farm in its first year of operation near State College, PA. Chase Farm is owned and operated by Kim and Eric Chase, with a little help from our 4-year old son, Dexter. Our path to farming began when we started homesteading while living in Montana. Kim realized that growing and raising food was a passion that she wanted to pursue full-time. Eric, always the good sport, has gotten happily swept away in this hobby gone awry, finding that it indulges his dearest hobby of tinkering, building, and fixing pretty much anything.

DSC_0014Our farm is leased from a small corner of Bergenblick Farm‘s land in Linden Hall, PA. Kim also works for Bergenblick Beef. Eric works in the Environmental Science field with his “spare time”.

Please see this page for more about our vision and values.