Vision and Values

We find it helpful to use the Holistic Management framework as we build our farm. One of the first steps is to create a ‘Holistic Goal’, in which we outline what we want our lives to look like, what we must do and what resources we need to achieve. We then distilled our Holistic Goal into a Vision Statement. Enjoy!


Holistic Goal 


We at Chase Farm want to cultivate health in all aspects of our lives, physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially, and in our relationships, community and natural environment. We want to balance meaningful, fulfilling work with time for rest and play. We want to be honest and kind in all of our dealings and to increase our reliance on ourselves and our local community.

In order to realize these goals, we will build a profitable farm through creating efficient systems, good record keeping, keen observation, creative problem-solving, and always striving to work within nature’s model for producing a bounty of food. Meanwhile, we will commit to maintaining enough time away from work to cook healthy food, have enough personal time, keep stress in check, and cultivate relationships and community. Through it all, we will do our best to maintain a kind, humble, and honest spirit.

We will be honest, hard-working, dedicated to our family and our work, observant and innovative. Our land will be fertile healthy, and productive enough to support our own animals and crops and the natural habitat, as well as affordable to farm. Our community must be resilient and working toward self-sufficiency, oriented toward sustainability, health, education, useful skills, and have a wide range of services available in support of agriculture.


Vision Statement


Chase Farm strives to create a healthy family, community, and land by producing high-quality, nutrient dense foods in keeping with Nature’s model of production, while working to operate with an honest, kind, and humble spirit.