Meat CSA

Our farm is on hiatus indefinitely. I am leaving this up in case it is helpful to other farmers in structuring a Meat CSA.


Chase Farm’s Meat CSA is a convenient, affordable way to eat a variety of meats from healthy, humanely raised, pastured animals without having to invest in a large freezer. You purchase a subscription to our farm and in return, receive a monthly box of healthy, delicious meat. This arrangement helps our farm succeed, and increases your access to local, sustainable, high-quality food. In the process, we get to know each other and tighten the connection between farmer and eater.

There are many reasons to choose to join our meat CSA!

  • High quality meats with incredible flavor- Raising animals outdoors, on pasture, with varied diets and a healthy lifestyle is the key to delicious meat.
  • Local, sustainable, and pastured raised on small, family farms- Know your farmer and your food.
  • Guaranteed access to our meats- We occasionally run out of meat to bring to farmer’s markets, and there could be a long wait for those who want a whole or half hog. But as a CSA member, you will always receive your box of goodness!
  • Convenience- No long waits at the grocery store for anonymous meat of questionable quality. One pick-up and your meat is right there in the freezer waiting for you.
  • Experience the whole animal. No chest freezer required! Our shares reflect cuts from the entire animal, from tenderloin to shank.
  • Learn about how your food was raised and how to cook it! You’ll receive a monthly newsletter filled with recipes, tips, and stories from the farm.

What’s in a share?

We offer several share options. The Full Three Meat Share is 20 lbs per month, roughly one-third each of grass-fed beef, pastured pork and pastured chicken. The Half Three Meat Share is 10 lbs per month. The cuts you receive will represent the distribution of cuts from each whole animal. You will eat from each primal region of each animal, and you will eat steaks, chops, roasts, ground, and sliced meats.

We are now also offering the Pork Share, which is 8 lbs per month of our delicious, pastured pork.  This share will be about half sausage or ground pork, and half chops, steaks, roasts, and similar cuts from the whole of the pig.

The Egg Share is 1 dozen eggs per month. You may purchase as many egg shares as you need to satisfy your needs. This share is only available with the purchase of one of the meat shares.

The Cured Meat Share is two additional lbs of cured pork cuts (generally, bacon, ham, and canadian bacon). This share is only available with the purchase of one of the other meat shares.


Season and Pick-up sites

Each CSA season will last 5 months, June to October and December to April. Pick-ups will be the first week of each month. Our pick up sites are CrossFit Nittany, first Thursday of the month from 4:30-6:30, and at Chase Farm on the first Wednesday of the month from 4-7.

With each share distribution, you’ll receive a newsletter with information about each cut, recipes, tips, and news about the farm.



Full Three-Meat Share- $735
Half Three-Meat Share- $380
Pork Share- $325
Egg Share- $20
Cured Meat Share- $95

You can order additional pork cuts and eggs (including farmer’s market purchases) for 5% off of our regular prices.


Partner Farms

We are a new farm and in the process of adding diversity to our livestock. Pork and eggs will be all Chase Farm products, but we will be sourcing from our farmer friends for beef and chicken. We will be 100% transparent about where every product comes from and how they grew it. Their stories will be ones we are proud to tell you and their products, we are proud to serve until such time as we produce them ourselves. These are farms with similar values and methods to ours, so that you can be assured that all the meat is raised humanely, locally, sustainably, and with a close eye on quality. All animals will be raised on pasture, ruminants will be 100% grass-fed and finished, and all animal feeds will be non-GMO.


How to sign up!

The CSA is filling fast. Please email me to confirm availability first. 

First, download the member agreement and please read it thoroughlyIf it still sounds like a good fit, print it, fill it out and sign it. Then send it along with your deposit check to

607 Smith Lane
Centre Hall, PA 16828