a small-scale, grass-based farm focused on sustainability and great-tasting food
High-quality, nutrient dense foods, raised as nature intended.
Vision and Values

We find it helpful to use theĀ Holistic Management framework as we build our farm. One of the first steps is to create a ‘Holistic Goal’, in which we outline what we want our lives to look like, what we must do and what resources we need to achieve. We then distilled our Holistic Goal into a Vision Statement. Enjoy!

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Traditional Soaps

We believe that using as much of an animal we raise and send to slaughter is very important. It shows respect for the animal’s sacrifice, for our labors, the land, and other resources that went into raising and harvesting the animal. Animal fat has become a waste product in our current culture that largely fears fat, especially that of animals.

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Pastured Eggs

Putting hens on pasture and allowing them to forage for their natural diet of insects, worms, and various greens, in addition to local, non-genetically modified grains, causes them to lay beautiful eggs with strong shells, deep orange-y yolks, and whites that ‘stand up’ in the pan. They’re also delicious!

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