Pastured Pork

Our pigs are raised entirely on pasture, grazing, rooting, and wallowing! We offer them lush pasture to graze, fresh waste milk from our friends at Bear Meadow Farm, annual crops to “hog down” right out of the field, and fresh, locally-milled grain from non-genetically modified crops, along with vitamins and minerals.

In the winter our pigs have a barn with a deep-bedded pack of hay to keep warm and cozy in. They also always have access to a large paddock to roam and explore!

Our animals are never given prophylactic antibiotics. We always seek to use natural remedies first and, if antibiotic use is truly necessary, we give wide berth to withdrawal times to ensure that you would never be exposed to any residues.

W are still in the process of experimenting with breeds to see what we like. Flavor, temperament, and hardiness are our goals. We have raised Tamworth crosses, pure Berkshires, and some “just pigs” that are a jumble of heritage and commercial breeds. We are extraordinarily excited to see if these animals raised on the same land, in the same manner will taste substantively different. We welcome you to help us decide!

Our pork is processed at Rising Spring Meat Co in Spring Mills. They slaughter humanely and do a beautiful job of processing our meats!

We will be selling our pork by halves and wholes and as retail cuts at North Atherton Farmer’s Market on Saturdays at Home Depot in State College, PA. If you are interested in a half or whole, please email me. I’ll get you on the list and send out details as soon as I can!