Traditional Soaps

We believe that using as much of an animal we raise and send to slaughter is very important. It shows respect for the animal’s sacrifice, for our labors, the land, and other resources that went into raising and harvesting the animal. Animal fat has become a waste product in our current culture that largely fears fat, especially that of animals.

Traditional soap-making to the rescue! Making soap from lard andĀ BergenblickĀ tallow not only helps reconcile our philosophy with reality, it also makes really good soap. Traditional soaps are very hard, last a long time, are DSC_0034_02_gentle and conditioning for the skin, as well as economical and sustainable since fewer heavy oils aren’t being shipped from overseas and our animals are raised sustainably.

We make a honey farmer’s soap and a luxurious shaving soap, both recipes from the fabulous Shannon Hayes.